New Keylogger source code is now available for download.

About Me

Just a simple developer doing simple things.

I'm a Junior Software Engineer with more than 3 years of well-rounded experience in web development, digital marketing, and IT support currently wrapping up two degrees in the fields of Computer Programming and Database Administration.

Aside from my work background, I am also a Marine veteran with experience in geospatial intelligence, target aquisition, and meteorology where I worked with encrypted and classified data such as GPS, radio, acoustic, GIS, and meteorological to facilitate accurate and precise artillery fires over a wide range of distances and conditions.

I am passionate about the the machine to human world we are evolving into and the impact it will have on the future of human civilization. From the internet, to the internet of things, to the internet of value, I have a passion for anything involving Information Technology.

Recent Projects

Keylogger v1.0 Desktop C++ Poweshell

Keylogger screenshot

Pong Game v0.3 Desktop JavaScript

Pong game screenshot

Network Calculator v0.8.1 Desktop C++ WIP

Subnet calculator screenshot

Breakout Game v1.0 Desktop JavaScript

Breakout game screenshot

Blockchain in Javascript v0.7.2 Desktop Mobile JavaScript

Blockchain in JS screenshot




Location Palm Bay, FL
Phone: (760) 805-5084)













What I Enjoy Working With

Web Development

I develop full fledged websites and web applications with modern standards using HTML5/CSS3, Javascript, PHP, Node.js, SQL, and NoSQL. Whether it's a basic company website or complex and data intensive application, I enjoy developing modern, responsive, and robust web resources.

System Administration & Support

Managing servers, databases, desktops, networks, and all of the users and equipment in between is an important responsibility full of security and financial risks. I spend a lot of free time learning about new vulnerabilities, automation strategies, and technologies as they make their way into the IT infrastructure of today's homes and businesses.

Digital Marketing

Engineering holistic and profit driven content, email, advertising, and creative strategies for B2C and B2B businesses accross all major advertising platforms, social media, CRM providers, and Ecommerce platforms. Typical work includes top to bottom funnel development, attribution modeling, analytics, copywriting, storyboarding, landing page development, and ad creation and optimization.

Business Process Automation

Automating business processes to consolidate and execute tasks with the maximum efficiency possible with the use of various technologies and programming capabilities. This includes centralizing information, integrating services and automatically executing basic data centric tasks in order to reduce costs and invest more in human centric tasks.